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  • "This is a good school"
    OFSTED 2013

  • "Attainment is rising owing to good teaching, effective monitoring and careful planning"
    OFSTED 2013

  • "Current work in pupils’ books shows an increasing number of pupils working at above-average standards, particularly in Years 4 and 5, where a number of pupils are the equivalent of a year ahead of pupils in other schools nationally.”
    OFSTED 2013

  • "Relationships throughout the school are good and contribute to the good progress pupils make in lessons.”
    OFSTED 2013

  • "The pupils’ confidence and willingness to engage actively in class activities reflects the warm and trusting relationship pupils have with their teachers and the sense that everyone’s contribution is valued.”
    OFSTED 2013

  • "The headteacher has a very clear vision and strong sense of purpose in bringing about school improvement.”
    OFSTED 2013

  • "Pupils behave well. Good behaviour is reinforced throughout the school by praise and rewards.”
    OFSTED 2013

  • "The good improvement in pupils’ progress in reading owes much to the well-taught daily sessions on phonics (the sounds that letters make) that provide short periods of highly focused teaching.”
    OFSTED 2013

  • "Pupils make good progress in reading. By the time they leave at the end of Year 6, most are able to read with expression and confidence, and higher-attaining pupils are able to recognise and discuss different types of books and illustrate their comments by finding appropriate references from the text.”
    OFSTED 2013

Welcome to Doxey Primary School

  Welcome to Doxey Primary School, where both children and adults work together as an incredibly strong team and the school values of respect, curiosity, perseverance, pride and self-belief are understood and practised by all.

Artsmark Award Achievement

We are extemely proud to announce that after a lot of hard work and dedication shown by the pupils and staff here at Doxey Primary, we have been accredited with the prestigious Artsmark Award.   This has been achieved through demonstrating a commitment to quality arts provision.

Holding Artsmark status confirms that we:

  • are committed to arts and cultural provision for all
  • are forward thinking and focused on ongoing development
  • are committed to investing in our staff and pupils
  • are committed to listening and providing opportunities for your community
  • have an effective approach to building sustainable relationships with arts and cultural organisations
  • value the art and culture through a broad and balanced curriculum/provision

Click here for more information on Artsmark



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