Arts at Doxey

Doxey Primary School’s Vision for The Arts

At Doxey Primary School we believe that the Arts are integral to a broad and balanced curriculum. We are a school where everyone’s efforts are valued, ambition is nurtured and where the potential of every child is developed regardless of their social or economic background.

Our values are an integral part of our school for children and adults. We show pride in ourselves, our endeavours and achievements; we show curiosity in our learning; we persevere to overcome difficulties and to improve our personal targets and we encourage self-belief.

Doxey has high expectations of all pupils, regardless of their social background. Parents and carers are encouraged to be involved in their children’s learning and in the life of the school through topic Entry and Exit Points, performances, productions and other art events that are organised.

Over the last two years Doxey has focussed strongly on “Learning.” We have conducted “Looking for Learning” projects to strengthen learning by both children and adults in our community.

We have studied learning styles, discovering that some people learn best through: visual, aural or kinaesthetic approaches. We also found that people have preferred learning intelligences: social, musical, physical,
artistic, etc. We believe that using art across a large range of curriculum areas helps pupils to access their learning styles more effectively.

We define the Arts as visual art, music, dance and drama and through these we develop
key skills of research, analysis, independent working and presentation;

We are determined that all our pupils will enjoy rich experiences in music and performing arts, including learning and performing on a musical instrument.


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